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Creating world beating solutions to the rigours of everyday life.

Footwear, Apparel – in fact practically everything

The Rossendale Combining team work closely with the world’s leading industry manufacturers to ensure that product demands are well met.

From slippers to sports shoes and from performance hiking boots to everyday footwear, Rossendale Combining is able to create the right solution to exceed our customers’ needs.

With this knowledge and our abilities, we have been able to utilise similar technologies to meet the requirements of an ever more inventive apparel industry.

Meeting and exceeding performance requirements such as washability, waterproofing and shower proofing, as well as ensuring the required drape properties in today’s products is Rossendale
Combining’s commitment.

Our material combinations can be found in a wide variety of items – in just about every room in the home. The range of products for which we have been asked to develop manufacturing solutions is diverse and includes: domestic upholstery – ironing boards – lamp shades – work surface laminates – curtains – tiebacks – non-slip rug backings – featherproof fabrics – mattress ticking coatings and a great many more everyday household items.

So you see – you’re never far from Rossendale Combining!

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